"If you’re really interested in this, I recommend seeking out classes conducted by Certified F.I.R.E. Instructors... you’ll join the ranks of millions of firewalkers who have been empowered by the experience." —Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.



Just wanted to send you a note and tell you what a wonderful experience it was doing the fire walk. I really got clarity for myself. I became aware of the limitations I have put on myself for the last several years. With your guidance you opened my eyes to the abundance of possibilities. You created a safe environment for me to really focus on the true bigger picture. I recaptured my DREAMS!

The Fire Walk is quite a feat in itself ... For me ... I discovered if I can walk on FIRE... what can stop me from doing or achieving anything my heart desires.

Thank you for opening your home, your heart and your fabulous FIRE OF PASSION!

The night you helped me walk on fire will be a night that will be with me forever!

Thank you!!

Karen Aldrich

Once we got out there and watched the coals flicker in the moonlight, everyone was excited and eager to shed the fear and limiting thoughts. I stood there to watch and celebrate their victory all the while I was willing to stand in my limited thought of not walking. My son was there, who is 12 years old, and he asked if I was going to walk, I shrugged and said I don’t know, but of course I was not walking (in my head).

My son Keith, just kept telling me that I should do it and I would be fine. As we watched others do it, I stood in awe at the flames. That is when my husband walked over and did it; I was so proud and began to think maybe I could too. I still stood there stunned and unable to fathom walking over coals of fire. I stood there as Charles called for more walkers, but still so deathly afraid I did not move.

I began to move closer to the entrance to walk, just for a different viewpoint. I began to ask myself why I could not do what they were doing, what is my husband and son thinking of me right now, or what would my students say if I told them I did walk on fire? I began to ponder the example I want to be, and with that I took my shoes off. I stood there crying, shoes off, pants rolled up, staring into the flames and hot coals, Charles came over and talked with me and asked did I want to walk, I shouted through my tears “yes”! With that statement he took me closer and told me to give him the 3 yes chant and go…. I went! As I crossed over to the other side to victory, I hugged who ever was there to hug in celebration! I think it was Nikki, but I did not look. I just was so relieved that I made it without pain. At that moment I knew I could do it, I could do anything I wanted to! I ran over to my son and hugged him (still crying) and whispered in his ear not to let anyone every tell him he can’t do some thing; he could do anything that he set his mind to. Then I hugged my husband standing there too so proud that I did it! This was his birthday and we both received a phenomenal gift of freedom to achieve anything we set out to do.

Of course after this they lit the sidelines of the coals to get picture perfect…so was I going to have to do it twice for a picture? Yep, sure did! I was not going to leave the fire walk without a picture I could blow up and show my students and family that I walked on fire so they too can achieve their own goals when they put their minds to them.

I was so emotional that I cried during our ending circle, during our testimonials in the room and even driving home. I felt so wonderful and truly blessed for being in a group like Charles’ group and can’t begin to thank him and the group for all their support and guidance. My husband and son were my inspiration and Charles has provided the opportunity to seek new ideas and successes that I may have never thought were possible.

Thanks Charles, you are amazingly brilliant.

My life will never be the same after walking across the fire!!!!!


"As I shared after the walk, I reached a major threshold, with my life being turned upside down. My husband had left me earlier this year but I learned only last Saturday that it is for good because he started his life with an other woman months ago. After 18 years I'm suddenly forced to take responsibility for my life, mentally, emotionally and financially. And I have never ever balanced a check book. I'm being pushed out of my little box and comfort zone. This is not to blame or whine - I know there is a reason I got to this point. I know I'm manifesting my own world. Never the less I was in a state of panic when I got to the event Sunday, hurting, angry and scared.

I very much loved the seminar - goal setting is new to me and I still feel overwhelmed. I see the big picture but can't make out the little steps that get me there. I'll be grateful to join a peer group to help me with that. As to the fire walk itself, there was no doubt in my mind about doing it. I KNEW I would. That didn't mean I wasn't nervous or scared, I just knew I had to do it. I didn't even care if I got burned or not. I thought, I hold plenty of pain already, so I can just as well take on a blister, or better, prove myself that I can move forward. Which I did. I learned it's alright to be scared and it's great to move through it and ahead. I can do it. I am powerful!

I want to keep this short to honor your time. I thank you for this and upcoming workshops and the opportunity to walk the fire (again). Thank you for your passion to share and to help others, you are a great awakener and teacher. I connected with wonderful people; there was a reason that the Spirit got me in touch with you all. I'm excited about my new life -Yes, Yes, Yes!"

In Love and Light

Nikki Hill

Walk on fire? I knew that the feat could be done – thousands of people firewalk every year at Tony Robbins events. But could I do it? I did have my doubts – especially when I felt the heat of the fire and saw the red hot coals. The thought crept into my head, “I’ll need a miracle to get across this bed of coals without pain or injury!” But I refused to allow that fear to linger; I eliminated the thought and replaced it with confidence. I did indeed storm across those coals – and thankfully, without pain or injury!

For me, the real magic and miracle of the firewalk came from watching some of my friends conquer abject terror to walk across the coals. Their courage is inspiring and their accomplishment nothing short of momentous. It was incredible to be able to share in that joy and celebrate with them. I can’t wait to firewalk again – not only because of the personal growth that comes with the territory – but I love being able to really connect with my friends and share such a moving experience with them.

- Nikki Hill