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Around The Fire
Around The Fire
Tolly's Last Firewalk Instructor Training-
If you can do this, You can do anything!
Tolly Burkan has changed the lives of many.  For the last thirty years Tolly has been on a mission to help others break through fears and overcome limiting beliefs.  He has helped countless numbers of people to create a state of awareness that empowers them to do the things they once thought impossible.
Tolly began his trek back in 1977 where he began teaching others how to walk barefoot over a burning hot bed of coals without being burned.  The metaphor for the firewalk is that "if you can do this, what else are you capable of doing that you once thought impossible"?  This philosophy proved to be a popular train of thought for self-development for many people.
In 1993, Tolly was approached by a man named Tony Robins who wanted to teach Firewalking to his yet small group of self-development devotees.  Tolly taught Tony everything he knew about firewalking and sent him on his way.  One year later, Tony Robins was facilitating firewalk seminars to hundreds of people at a time.  Now Tolly Burkan's mission and message was gaining popularity and what was once considered an "offbeat" self-development activity was now being covered by the main street American press.  From Tolly's single teaching of student, Tony Robins, he was now indirectly touching the lives of thousands.  To date, Tolly has personally trained firewalk instructors who have taken over 3 million seekers over the coal bed. Tolly has continued to teach firewalking Instructor training classes in his hometown of Sonora, California where he regularly conducted his seminars.  Yes, Tolly Burkan has been helping people and doing what he loves for over thirty years.  He has written many books around the subject of self-development and has been featured on a plethora of television shows and in countless publications across the globe.  To this day, his message remains the same.  "If you can walk on fire, you can do anything".  As 2009 approaches, so does the end of an era. In December, Tolly will be teaching his last Firewalk Instructor Training.  As with all good things in life, everything eventually runs it's course and evolves to another modality.
Will this mark the end of The Global Firewalk Movement?  Absolutely not!  Tolly's firewalking empire will continue to advance, flourish and grow through the co-operation of a business partnership with newly appointed General Manager of The Firewalk Institute of Research and Education, Charles Horton.  Together, Burkan and Horton have mapped out a direction and strategy for advancing a self-help philosophy that began back in 1977.
Yes, Tolly may be laying down his famous hat, but the show will go on.  As with any changing of the guard, new strategies will be adopted to further push the firewalking movement and it's message to a new generation.  Tolly will be missed greatly by the many who have sought and received personal direction and liberation for their lives. He has touched the hearts and souls of people from across the globe and his warm spirit and message will continue to resonate with all those who have come in contact with him in the last 30 years.  His presence will be missed by thousands, but his message to all remains the same.  "If you can do this, you can do anything". 
We love you, Tolly!

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by Gail Baiman 
I have been walking on fire for many years.  In 1989 I knew that my purpose in life was to help people "shift" their energies, and  therefore have a beneficial effect on their mind, spirit and bodies.  The modality I chose to do this with was the firewalk.  I was fortunate to have many teachers and mentors, among them Johnny Maisel, Michael Skye (many thanks to him for a lot of the thoughts below) and of course, Tolly Burkan, the father of the Firewalking Movement.  Over the years the single most common question asked is "why".  Why do people walk on fire??
There are many, many reasons that people walk on fire.  It is the oldest dance there is, it is a sacred ritual.  For eons and eons and throughout the centuries many cultures used this as a rite of passage.  People walk on fire to experience the fundamental connection of body, mind and spirit.  There is no other means that I know of that can physically demonstrate totally, the connection of energies that say "yes!! I can!" than that of the firewalk.  It is an undeniable affirmation of our oneness with the earth.
Walking on hot coals ranging from 1000 to 1400 degrees is a rite of passage, igniting the fires of change and transformation.  Although you may walk through the bed of coals physically unharmed, you will never be the same.  You have done the impossible.  Just think of all the things you have been told you cannot do, that perhaps, just perhaps, you can.
Firewalking is an opening to the life energy that connects us to each other, person to person, deeply connected with the living consciousness of the earth.  You feel totally, completely connected to all the elements, to the air, the water, the earth and the fire.  You are grateful to the trees that gave their lives so that you might experience this transformation, grateful to the air that you share breath with, both with other people, animals and the fire.  There is no escaping the total connection you feel when you see another walking across the hot coals.  You just know that if another can do it, so can you.  You feel  gratitude for at last, hearing, feeling, that inner voice that guides you, that lets you know that you are safe, that you can indeed, walk across hot coals physically unscathed.  Walking on fire is a celebration, a joyful dance into a world of truly benevolent wholeness.
Our culture argues against the firewalk.  It says there are natural laws that govern our world.  It says that things are the way they are because they are determined by such laws and will stay that way regardless of human consciousness. It says they can never be changed. We are taught that:

  * Germs cause disease
  * Calories cause fat
  * Carcinogens cause cancer
  * Fire causes burning
These things just are the way they are according to predetermined natural laws and it doesn't matter what we think about them.

The firewalker says YES, indeed, there are natural laws governing our world, causing things to be the way they are, but there is an ongoing creative process that underlies and establishes those laws and we, as conscious human beings play a vital role in the creative process.  That when our collective consciousness reaches a critical mass, then those natural laws will change.  We will then be taught that:

  * Germs do not have to cause disease
  * Calories do not have to cause fat
  * Carcinogens do not have to cause cancer
  * Fire does not have to cause burning.

At Universal Remembrance University, Inc., we are adding to that shift in collective consciousness.  We are playing a vital role in the creative process that underlies those natural laws.  We know that all of life is energy and that "matter" is only energy vibrating at different speeds.  We eagerly await the day the collective consciousness reaches a critical mass.  I would like to tell you a true story about what can happen when that day arrives.  It is called the "Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon."
Way back in the very early 1950's, the Japanese government was conducting an experiment with monkeys.  There were thousands of monkeys on many Japanese islands that were part of this experiment.  Every day the Japanese would drop sweet potatoes onto the islands for the monkey to eat.  Now the monkeys loved the sweet potatoes, but they didn't like the taste of the sand.  One morning a young monkey went to the ocean  and washed the sand off his sweet potato and ate it.  It was delicious!   The next day another monkey followed him and did the same.  A few days later some other monkeys followed and washed off their sweet potatoes.  Every day there were more monkeys that copied and then, when exactly 100 monkeys were washing their potatoes IT HAPPENED.  The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon!  Every monkey on every island washed the sand off his sweet potato.  Even though they had no visible means of communication they all knew.  It became a natural law.!!!
Barbara Avicolli is an outstanding example of why people firewalk and some of the benefits that can happen.  Barbara, by walking across that bed of coals, opened her spirit, opened her mind to shift.  She also opened her body.  She somehow internalized that if she could do what she always believed to be impossible, then she could heal herself.  By working closely with her hypnotherapist, her doctors and most of all, herself, she healed.  It is stories like Barbara's that inspire us.
Human beings only have two basic emotions, love and fear. We teach that "FEAR" is only False Evidence Appearing Real.  By learning that, we must conclude that only the love is real.  We are powerful beings capable of manifesting everything we need in our lives.  When people internalize that, and remember that we are all connected, we are all one, then we will realize that there is enough.  There is enough of everything in this world for everyone.  When we really know that, there will be no = reason for war.  We will finally achieve peace.
Trent Burrop"Boy, Was He Wrong!"
Dr. Trent J. Burrup
Executive Firewalk Instructor

"Come on Rick.  Please tell me that this is going to be worth it."  This was my final plea before making my payment for the EFIT (Executive Firewalk Instructor Training) program.  Being a physician, I was nervous about the time commitment.  Shutting down my practice and being gone for ten days was creating a lot of stress but it felt like the right thing to do.

I was informed how much work and planning Charles had put into the event.  Rick then assured me that it would be a great event.  = BOY, WAS HE WRONG!  "Great" was a tremendous understatement and did not even begin to approach the praise that the program deserves.

I was asked to share the benefits realized by myself from the EFIT and FIT (Firewalk Instructor Training) programs.  With that intent I FIND MYSELF IN A VERY DIFFICULT POSITION.  I do not want to sound like a "plant" or a "shill" for F.I.R.E. but my personal experience will make me sound like one.  So let me preface my comments with this statement:  I am not employed by F.I.R.E.; I am not being paid in any way to write this article; I have nothing to gain or lose in my relationship with F.I.R.E or Charles Horton with this article; I am very critical toward doctors and organizations that waste my time and money with worthless information and seminars and have written scathing reviews for their feedback.  With that being said, let me share what I experienced at the most recent EFIT program.

I knew what to expect in terms of content.  What I was not prepared for was to be blown away by the quality of its presentation.  The arts of advanced facilitation, public speaking, sales and marketing, networking, daily planning, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), liability concerns, and advanced firewalk situations were covered with hands-on participation and role-playing.  There were also guest speakers brought in, the quality of which was unsurpassed by any business training I have ever attended.  A few of these included Tom Neison, CEO of a million dollar sales firm, Steve Consalves, master NLP practitioner, and Krish Dhanam, V.P. of the Zig Ziglar Corporation.  (No, really, I'm serious, Krish, from the Ziglar Corporation!)  This coupled with Charles' experience as a master firewalk instructor and million-dollar business owner made the EFIT course one that I could not more highly recommend.  All of the business skills necessary to be successful as a firewalk instructor are covered in depth in this program.
As a physician attending seminars, my goal is to always find at least one golden nugget that I can use.  To list all of the golden nuggets I found in the EFIT would take too long so let me share the most valuable one I found.  There are aspects of business that many people find uncomfortable such as public speaking, sales, daily planning, and networking to name a few.  What I realized in the EFIT is that there are difficult ways of doing these business tasks and there are EASY ways.  I have always been taught the difficult ways but these presenters, all members of million dollar corporations, showed me that there is an easier way to succeed in business that will fit anyone's business style and personality - whether you want to conduct one firewalk a year or one every month.  And isn't that what Tolly Burkan teaches in his latest book, how to "Let It Be Easy".  What was created in the EFIT was a community of like-minded individuals working for the common benefit of each other and an organized community working together can accomplish much more than any individual.
That brings me to the FIT program.  The participants in the FIT program represented eight countries and the dynamics of the group made it a tremendously easy and fun event.  This was significant for me because during my original FIT certification I did a 108 firewalk (ten foot firewalk 108 times) and a twenty-foot firewalk and neither of them were easy for me.  During this FIT program, I participated in the 108 again and a forty-foot firewalk.  I can honestly say that this 108 and the forty-foot firewalk were two of the easiest firewalks I have ever done in my life and I attribute it to the group of great FIT instructors, the great quality of EFIT instructors assisting, and the facilitation of Charles Horton.
I don't know how F.I.R.E. plans to top this last EFIT program but after talking with Charles it sounds like the next one will be even better.  I am happy to speak with anyone considering either of these programs about specifics of what the EFIT and FIT programs cover.  Please feel free to contact me at trent@FireWalkUtah.com or 801-567-0557. 
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