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Around The Fire
From the Desk of Charles Horton
Charles FIRE 
Tolly's last Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) was completed on the 6th of December.  The graduating class picture is posted to the above right.  This was my third FIT with Tolly.  It's amazing how much I learned with each and every class.  It was a time of joy and a time of sadness. 
Tolly started this movement over 30 years ago.  Millions of lives have been changed from Tolly's work.  It's up to the certified F.I.R.E. instructors to continue the movement.  To view the montage of the event click here: September 08 FIT and December 08 FIT.
We are planning two events in May, that will include time with Tolly.  The events will be back to back, so that you can attend both.
The first event is HEROS JOURNEY.   This is a three day event that will include more activities from Extreme Spirituality and MORE.  The event will include a rappel down into moaning cavern; Sky Diving; White Water Rafting; a 1500 ft. zip line ride; a Firewalk and several surprises.  The event will be May 15th - 17th.  Full Registration is $2500.  Early Bird discount (book by 3/15) is $2250,  and Certified F.I.R.E. instructors only pay $2000.
Immediately prior to HEROS JOURNEY is a reunion for all Karena Ropecertified firewalk instructors.  Mark Your Calendar Now for May 14th and 15th.  The Reunion is free to all Certified F.I.R.E. Instructors.
Being a professional event facilitator or speaker, you learn to be prepared for all situations.  A properly prepared speaker will be armed with back up plans A, B & C.
At my recent Ignite The Secret event the winds were forecasted to be high.  We have developed a good relationship with our local fire department.  Since the open fire regulations require that any fire (including coals) be put out at sunset, our firewalks do not qualify for the open fire permit.  Instead they give us a special event permit.  This permit requires that fire department personnel are present.  I think this adds to the excitement of the event, and we enjoy them attending.
Cage1About noon on the day of the event the fire department called and said it will be too windy for the event.  The forecast was calling for wind gusts of 25 - 35 miles an hour.  Too high for a safe firewalk.  I agreed, although I thought it was too early to call.
Since I hold events at my house at least monthly and want to be prepared, I had a firebox made.  This box completely encloses the fire with spark arrestors.  We burn the fire in the box, and then shovel the coals out.  This is not an open fire, and does not require a permit.  The firebox is always plan B.
The winds were calm at lighting time, so we lit our fire in the fire box.  With 30 minutes strong winds were back, and coupled with dry leaves in abundance, my fire tenders decided the winds were too high to leave the fire going.  They extinguished the fire.
Plan C.   I always have the glasswalk prepared.  At the time we Cage2decided to extinguish the fire, we brought out the glasswalk.  Many of my participants were mentally prepared for the firewalk, but not the glasswalk.  As Dr. Trent Burrup says in our home page video, never underestimate the power of any of our metaphor exercises.  The exercise was fantastic, and not one of our participants was disappointed.
As a speaker,  I did not expect disappointment, and I let the whole process be easy.
The builder of my firebox will build one for you for $2500, plus shipping.
F.I.R.E. now also offers fully prepared glasswalks.  50 lbs of glass.   LET IT BE EASY!
PyroPyrotrainia - The Firedancer Firewalk 
 Greetings fellow Firewalkers!

On November  22nd Kevin and I held our 5th Firewalking event in Murphys Ca.  It was an amazing success!  We called it Pyrotrainia - the Firedancer Firewalk.  We have been interested in the potential of "specialty" firewalks - events geared towards a specific group such as women, dancers, adventurers or any other target group.  This particular event was marketed to Firedancers and we offered specialized workshops for them.  These included workshops in fire safety, marketing for performers, and choreography for fire routines. 
We also brought in two special guest instructors from the Bay Area to teach advanced fire skills.  These workshops were mixed in with several of the metaphor activities, including board breaking, the glass walk and snapping the arrow.

This was the first event we held after attending the September 2008 Executive Firewalk Instructor Training (EFIT) and the difference that the EFIT training made was phenomenal.  We used what we learned about marketing to create a split event ticket system.  We put together back room sales and filled our seminar with the maximum number of people that the location would permit.  In addition we both found that our speaking skills had dramatically improved, which made us more comfortable and confident speaking to the group.  During the EFIT, Krish Dhanam outlined a system for writing speech notes that Kevin in particular found to be perfectly suited to his style.  I also had great success with organizing my speech notes.

Pyrotrainia was by all accounts our most successful event yet.  It was two days (our first multi-day event) of growth and training, and we attracted a lot of younger people to the event which had been a challenge in the past.  Prior to the Executive Training, I had tried to organize a specialty firewalk but knew nothing about marketing.  I created some high quality postcards, got a great special guest, and figured that the event would sell itself from there.  Needless to say attendance was lower than I had hoped for.  That learning experience coupled with the wealth of knowledge that was made available to us at the Executive Training made our goals for Pyrotrainia easily attainable.

One thing that helped make organizing Pyrotrainia a snap was using firewalking.com to sell our tickets, particularly because we held a split event.  We knew that there would be people out there who wanted to firewalk but had no interest in specialized firedancer workshops. 

To address that, we offered two different ticket options - full event or evening firewalk only.  It was easy to set up the split tickets on the website, and looked very professional.  We increased evening attendance by 50% using the site and we didn't have to do a single thing besides posting our event to get those clients.
Our new skills helped us succeed in the challenging and unique genre of specialty firewalks.  We are feeling very confident and are in the process of organizing another multi-day event targeting the adventure enthusiasts of the world, as well as looking forward to gaining even more knowledge at the next Executive F.I.T in April.  Hopefully we will see some of you there, and in the meantime happy firewalking!
Brandi Slater
Executive Firewalking Instructor

By Krish Dhanam 
Ringing in a new year is always exciting with renewal, hope, affirmations and resolutions that are designed to orchestrate change and create momentum. Many things are looked upon with anticipation and many more are forgotten because of the anguish they caused when no more pain was needed. Friendships are forged and new partnerships blossom as the future beckons us like an architect that wants to give you a blueprint for the masterpiece that is your life. This New Years Eve was supposed to be one where tomorrow would be heralded with song and dance and yesteryear would become the memory it was created to be.
In a church basement in Springfield, Colorado surrounded by snow drifts that blocked out the view of the neighborhood, I was suddenly reminded that this New Year was destined to be different. The youth and adults in our group had become hostage to mother nature and the sudden benefactors of a small community that made a resolution that our future would be built on the foundation of their love. Their outpouring of warmth and generosity was surpassed only by the individual acts of kindness that gave a halo to a tough time. The resolution I made was to learn to be patient and as I failed time and again, I marveled at the spirit of total strangers floating in and out of our discomfort with a radiance that could and did melt the frozen landscape. This memory should last longer than most.
Fathers and sons came together and mothers and daughters hugged in long embraces as the reunion was complete in a parking lot crowded with families and a church filled with love. The microphone beckoning the sound bite and the spousal nod of completion seemed to end the odyssey. Wayne, the fellow motorist stranded with his big rig alongside us, will trudge many more miles looking for the next scheduled stop. The pastor of the church that took us in will continue his work to humanity. The other personnel who each carried the baton of giving in the relay race of our journey will all have something else to do. The youth group and their leaders will plan other trips. This father will fight back the tears of understanding as he says to his son - Happy New Year. Thanks for warming my heart. I have so much to learn from you.

Krish has joined the facaulity of F.I.R.E. and teaches public speaking in the executive firewalk instructor certification course.
Krish Dhanam joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in the sales department in October of 1991. Through speaking and teaching the timeless principles of its legendary founder Zig Ziglar, Krish soon embarked on a career that has seen him facilitate workshops and conduct seminars all over the world. His current assignments include functioning as Vice President of Consulting and Business Development for Ziglar True Performance and Co-founder of Krish Dhanam Training International.
As a writer he has authored articles on a range of topics spanning from personal relationships to corporate change. Recognized by his peers as a dynamic personality, Krish says that sharing a stage with a President pales in comparison to watching a movie with his son.

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