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Around The Fire
Charles Horton demonstrating
Transformation & Growth
from the desk of Charles Horton
Witnessing the transformation in people is one of the things that makes our work at the Institute so worthwhile. In this edition, we focus on change and growth.  Firewalking helps people burn off their head trash and live happier lives.
Our recent firewalking instructor training (FIT) - one of our largest and most successful - was a catalyst for self-discovery. People's attitudes and energy changed, some healed, and relationships strengthened. Graduates were inspired to return home and light a fire under others.

FIT Graduates Dec 2009

It may surprise you to learn that a large number of students take the course purely for personal growth - they have no intention of leading firewalks. We see some pretty dramatic results in these individuals, as chronicled below. The intensive empowerment course triggers major breakthroughs.
If you know someone who could use a wake-up call in their life, give the gift that can change a life in amazing ways. Sponsor them to a FIT or eFIT. Take it yourself, or take it again for a special price (see reFIT offer at the bottom of the page). It's an investment in yourself or another that will pay huge dividends.
The Sun Shines In
 by Chucky Pizzo
Jackie DeanerThe light coming from Jackie Deaner radiates from within these days. She positively beams with peace and inner strength. Gone are the dark days of cancer. Forgotten are the recesses of the mind of a lawyer who has seen too much injustice in the system. Behind her is the pain of cruelty - of men with big mouths and little conscience.
The sun is shining on Jackie today. It streams through the window and sparkles off her designer sunglasses. The gleam in her face is so bright that it stops me in my tracks. This woman has been transformed... the survivor has become a star.
"This has changed my life," she says in a profound tone. "Taking the FIT is the best gift I have ever given myself. I have been able to put so much behind me and focus on the good things happening today."
The world has taken notice. Jackie is attracting hugs and compliments from complete strangers nowadays. She has learned to manage her thoughts and project what she wants out of life. "It's hard for many women to put themselves first," she adds. "I'm no longer imprisoned by fears, other people's opinions, or their attempts to hurt me. If someone tries, I tell them I love and forgive them instantly." She reports that it usually stuns them, and breaks the pattern of negativity on the spot. "I'm in control now," she says.
A native of Niagara Falls, Jackie served in the Air Force before becoming a lawyer. I'm struck immediately by the thought she must have always been strong. But words and worry wore her down. Someone in her past told her she was an idiot... that she could not measure up. Her faith in the legal system was shaken by those who would manipulate. A diagnosis of cancer and the side effects of medications deteriorated her physically. Negative thoughts ate away at her. She felt sad.
A friend referred her to FIRE. That was the turning point. A breath work class enabled her to forgive those who had hurt her. Freed from that emotional baggage, she has moved on with her life. "The opportunity to heal changed my thinking," says Jackie in a  calm and deadly serious tone. "It was a trip wire... it reminded me I could do anything... face any challenge. That's why I took the FIT."
The training triggered a tectonic shift for Jackie both mentally and physically. She's on a natural high these days. "Some people may think they're comfortable, yet deep down they're miserable and have learned how to self-medicate that pain. They're settling for mediocrity and dying slowly on the inside," she quips. She hopes that others will wake up, take charge and get happy.
"Stop wallowing in mental constipation," Jackie counsels. "Don't let the mind take over - just let your heart flow." She puts her hand over her heart and tells me she loves me. At that moment, a piercing ray of sunlight comes through the window and illuminates her eyes with the intensity of fire. 
Set the World on FIRE!Eduardo_Ruiz_firewalk
We're happy to report growth on the international front thanks to FIRE-certified instructors! In the month following our December FIT, two of our newest graduates led firewalks in their home countries of Argentina and Mexico. We had seen this same passion after the FIT in August, when instructors in India and Egypt offered classes in their locales.
Eduardo Ruiz in Buenos Aires (photo above), hosted a group for a successful firewalk. Based on the excitement and interest it generated, FIRE will host a Firewalking Instructor Training (FIT) there en Espanol in December 2010.
Around The FireWe see a great opportunity for growth in the Spanish-speaking world. Our graduate in Mexico led a record seven firewalks in the two months following certification. David Gaona used his personal leadership to inspire and motivate executives and the public (read more about him below). This is a great example of the opportunity available to instructors to grow their coaching business. In August, FIRE travels to Monterrey, Mexico, to lead its first firewalking instructor training (FIT) in that country.
Both Eduardo and David are on a clear path towards attaining FIRE-certified master status. We will continue to work toward helping them achieve their full potential, which will mean insurance coverage and potentially an exclusive arrangement to teach FIRE- certified courses in their country.
This opportunity is available to you as well.
A World of Opportunity: Partners Sought in Australia, Africa & China
Partners around the world are stepping forward to host FITs. FIRE-certified master instructor Steve Consalvez in the UK has planned a course in June that will attract students from throughout the European region. We applaud these open-minded individuals who embrace the opportunity to serve and empower others while further establishing themselves as FIRE's future leaders.
You can host and market a firewalking instructor training (FIT) in your own country. All it takes is initiative and a belief in yourself! We will accept applications from any region, and in particular are looking from strong, aggressive partners in Australia, Africa and China. Recent FITs attract 30 or more students; we will assist you with our certified staff.
The process if simple. Attain a higher rank of certification from FIRE and demonstrate your capabilities as a marketing leader able to attract large groups of students. What would it mean for you as a life or business coach to be the exclusive FIRE-certified school in your area? Contact us today.
Couple Adds Heat in Mexico David Gaona
by Chucky Pizzo
Winning is a way of life for David Gaona. As a star basketball player, he helped his team, Los Borregos at Tech de Monterrey, achieve a record eleven championships.  After he and his bride Mirella became certified firewalking instructors in December, David returned to Mexico and set one more record: he led seven firewalks within two months. Talk about fired up!
David says that his mission in life is to serve people and help them. "Firewalking shows people what they can accomplish if they put their mind to it. Once they realize they can do amazing things, you don't have to push them as hard. They become self-motivated," he reports.
That insight has led David to become a more successful trainer. In his day job, he trains plant directors for a large corporation. "Results are everything. Now, our managers are approaching the company's goals and objectives with a renewed vigor. Firewalking developed stronger  bonds. People are working as a team toward the company's goals and objectives. When they worked in isolation, they sometimes felt that goals were crazy. Now they laugh and say they're all crazy - and their shared energy is moving the company forward faster. The team shares accountability for the organization's success. The impact in the workplace has been incredible," says David.
Another aspiration of his is to create a successful coaching business. As a business coach, he says that empowerment activities have transformed his growing enterprise. "We are building word of mouth and customers. Feedback about the firewalks has been great. We ran four in Monterrey, and three others in Queretaro, Delores , and Durango . Soon all of Mexico will be buzzing about firewalking!," he adds.
Relationship Heats Up
David and wife, Mirella, are among the growing number of couples taking the FIT together. In August, Ken and Christy Chapman of Colorado achieved certified status together.
"There's always a difference between the man and the woman," David laughs. "The intense bond of taking the FIT together narrowed that gap - today, Mirella better understands what I feel. We were always very close and in love, and this has made us grow even closer."
"She and I both understand that a couple can achieve whatever they put their minds to. Our house is filled with pictures from the FIT - it's very motivating to us. A couple is always striving for balance. Having things in common makes the relationship stronger," David said.
We asked the champion if firewalking heated up the marriage? Ever the good sport, he paused momentarily then shyly whispered, "Si! Si!"
Institute Growth Continues 

Around The FireA record number of students took our December FIT. These courses keep growing as word of mouth spreads. We're seeing more international participation, more graduates returning for advanced courses, and much more interest in attaining master status among the FIRE tribe.
Mike Agugliaro is the most recent student to attain that designation. He has been an integral part of our program, and a leader of firewalking and other empowerment events in his home state of New Jersey. He and his wife, Jennifer, regularly host events that empower.
Jason ShawTed Shaw, who teaches the spiritual side of firewalking, brought his son, Jason, to our recent course. It's amazing to see learning handed down generation to generation. Another great addition was Ibrahim Loeks, who has known Tolly Burkan - the father of firewalking - since he was a child. Ibrahim showed students alternative ways of starting a fire using ancient methods rooted in nature. Like Ted, Ibrahim approaches fire gently - with great respect. Students in December were very fortunate to have these two leaders on hand to share their insights about the tradition of the tribe.
Father Knows Best 
by Chucky Pizzo
Glen Kozak"I stopped smoking - cold turkey - over a month ago. For the first time in five years, I've gone back to school. I feel more connected to the world - both the living and spiritual realm," exclaims Glen Kozak, 26,  while sipping coffee. It's been over a month since I saw him at the FIT; what strikes me immediately is how much happier and youthful he looks.
Glen has healed measurably after a devastating break-up.
He volunteered that he had slipped into some negative thinking and behavior. Seeing the downward slip, his father signed him up for firewalking instructor training (FIT) without telling him what is was all about.
As he shared the story about his Dad's act, he looked up contemplatively, shook his head and smiled. His eyes grew wide and telegraphed how grateful the son feels today. "I'm glad I had the opportunity to take the FIT," he says. Armed with only the dates and checklist of items to bring, he made a pledge to do everything at the event. "My Dad made an investment in me. I guess he thought it would benefit me to come out of my shell... to move beyond my private hell."
Glen still feels a struggle, yet he has moved forward in ways he does not yet realize. There's a paradox in the language he uses to describe himself; he cites issues of motivation, ambition and self-discipline.
This from a man who quit smoking and returned to the university!  In another breath, he tells me about his passion for creating art and his aspiration to have a gallery showing. Metal is his medium; the topic transports him to a happier place. "It's very abstract and symmetrical, with a lot of geometrical shapes. I put a lot of time and emotion into my work. Pieces take months to produce, and I am very proud of them," he reports with a self-assured look.
His thoughts have become spiritual too. He talks about nature and Buddhist monks, about helping others, and connections he has made to other people. When he focuses on these things, he does well. "I'm looking for an job that will allow me to do good things," Glen says. Keeping busy works wonders.
The power of the FIT has taken hold of Glen. He's unwinding out of his shell, opening up emotionally and trusting others more. He confides that going back to school will help him meet more people. The self-described lone wolf now goes out to socialize and shoot pool to relax. The genie is out of the bottle.
"I know things will work out," he says quietly. Pain becomes progress. Emotions become determination. Some think that fire will burn, yet Glen bears witness that it is a powerful healer.
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