"If you’re really interested in this, I recommend seeking out classes conducted by Certified F.I.R.E. Instructors... you’ll join the ranks of millions of firewalkers who have been empowered by the experience." —Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

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Knowing the secret behind firewalking can improve your life! Even if you never do it yourself, knowing how it works can bring you better health and increased personal power. Why? Because firewalking demonstrates how your thoughts impact everything else in your life.

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Around The Fire
From the Desk of Charles Horton
Charles Horton PIC 
I wanted to start out this issue with one of the most touching testimonials I have received.  This is why, as instructors, we MUST share the firewalk; as students,  this is why you MUST experience the firewalk.
.I would like to thank you so much for allowing my son to participate in the firewalk at the Car and Truck Gallery in April.  As you can probably remember I had lots of issues with my son Jesus.  He was into gangs, and also doing drugs.  I took him to the Car and Truck Firewalk and told him to walk the fire.  Because of him having this experience, my son learned that if he can walk on fire he could conquer anything.  He came back to Espanola and told his friends about the experience he had.  I waited so long to thank you because I wanted to make sure that the positive change I saw in him was for real.  Well Jesus came back very impressed and changed his life.  He stopped smoking pot; cleaned up; applied for a job at one of the casinos, and I am glad to say he is a landscaper there now.  This happened in June, I still was not sure it would continue to go well.  He now has bought 2 trucks, and is now buying a trailer for him and his girlfriend, but the greatest thing for me was two weeks ago he came and asked me to make a copy of a tattoo for him.  I said to him "what are you doing" he said if I can walk on fire and not get burned I could get out of the gang and do anything I want to with my life.  He wanted that copy to cover up his gang tattoo on his hand - he gave up the gang!  I just wanted you to know how you touched the life of my son and gave him the power to do whatever he sets his mind to!  Thank You Charles for giving us our son back and helping him become the man he is today - 6 months after walking on fire...
Jose and Rose Figueroa
Espanola, New Mexico


Calling all Certified Instructors! 

The new FIRE website is live.  Please register, if you have not.   Please list all of your events on firewalking.com.  Daily we get inquires for firewalks in specific areas.  Let the public know about you and your events.  Even list your private (corporate) events.   Listing your events is the way the institute tracks your activity, and how we determine who to refer corporate events too.  If you need help listing your events or registering, call the office and we will happily assist you.

Kevin Axtell and Brandi Slater, F.I.R.E. Certified Executive Firewalk Instructors, recently held a weekend intensive.  (You will hear all about it in next months newsletter).  Listing their event on firewalking.com increased their attendance by 50%.  The more events we list as instructors, the more people will come to rely on firewalking.com to find local firewalks.
We have now loaded numerous resources for you as instructors onto the website.  Once you login, look for training materials.   Currently on the site are:
Firewalking Event Detailed Procedures
   (a form letter you can use for your clients)                         
Sample Client Contract
*  Goal Setting Seminar Workbook
*  Goal Setting Seminar Production Notes
*  Let It Be Easy Powerpoint
*  Reflexology Charts
*  Sample Release Forms
*  Firewalk Path Runway Sketches
*  Sample Flyer
*  Check List Before Lighting Your Fire
These FREE resources are available to help you teach firewalking and empowerment seminars.  You can use them as you wish.  Make them your own.
Check back often as the list grows.  Have something you want to share?  Send it to us; we will post it for the community.
Have you read Tolly's Book TRANSMISSIONS OF THE WHITE DRAGON?  It is visionary fiction; enjoyed by both teenagers and mature readers alike.  This easy to read short story explores consciousness and the nature of reality.
Download it free on the website!
Finally as you explore the website, please report any typo's, broken links, or pages that do not appear properly in your browser.  Your help will make firewalking.com stronger.
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Why can two people equally believe in the law of attraction and one person manifests riches and happiness and the other person never sees any positive changes?
It's not what you consciously think about that you manifest.

You attract what you subconsciously believe.

And that's why many people who affirm, set goals and visualize having the things they want - never manifest those things into their physical, everyday life.
Although you may consciously focus on attracting what you want; subconsciously  you have a "counter belief" that prevents you from getting what you thought you wanted.
In every market downturn, some people "soar to the stars"  and other people have to "learn to live with the scars".  Who do you choose  to be?
Positive take-away: You will leave this seminar with positive beliefs about your future.  You will have the tools to take maximum advantage of today's challenging world financial situations.
You will leave with the understanding of how to fight the Guardian (Subconscious) into thinking more positive thoughts and get rid of the Head Trash your Guardian uses against you.
Business Owners:  Why do some companies excel in these times, and other are collapsing.  Learn ways to make your company soar, by helping your number one asset, your people, overcome their head trash and push out of their comfort zones.
At the end of this seminar, you will have the optional opportunity, to turn your fear into power and storm across an 8 foot, 1200 degree, coal pit.
Your investment is 100% guaranteed.  If at the end of the seminar, you feel you didn't get 10 times the value, you get 100% of your money back.  No questions asked.

Our Executive Instructors and Executive Instructor Students are welcome to attend for free, and bring the seminar to their town.   
One of the institute's missions is to aid our Instructors in their success.  We will produce quality seminars and train and assist our Instructors to be successful speakers.
Rolf Beckman tells the story of a firewalk for one hundred and fifty, November 18, 2008 on the roof of a hotel in Cancun, Mexico.
The job

With a focus regarding firewalking training and certifying Firewalking Instructors and with many everyday obligations not connected to firewalking, my wife Owsa and myself only do a handful of firewalks yearly outside the Instructors Training. So when an American company wanted us to go to Mexico for a firewalk, it was by no means natural for us to accept. However the contact we had with them made it clear that they are putting on high-quality personal break-through events globally and the phone calls also made it clear that we would sync. And the prospect of walking on fire on a roof beside the Caribbean sea, sure seemed exhilarating.

The crew

One feature that made the assignment attractive for us was that the client was thrilled that we would have our two grown children as part of our crew. They saw a value added to their training that not only have my wife and I lived and worked together for more than 30 years, but also the inspiration it would be to see the joy of a functional family working together. For us this was a great opportunity for a reunion since our kids have busy life's living far away from us. And we needed the incentive! Not only did we have to break loose from our duties in Sweden, myself being CEO for a 100+ person company in the social sector and Owsa breeding and training show-jumpers, but we would also have to go halfway across the world.


Anyway, all said and done, we accepted. The layout was to do the firewalk on the second night out of three. Once in Cancun we had many hours on that roof, protecting the surface with special sod, fixing the wood that didn't come the way it was supposed to and all the other details that we have learned to expect and handle since doing our first firewalk way back in 1991. While I was preparing the crowd inside the hotel to get them mentally ready for firewalking, my family crew was working the three fires on the roof, something that could be enjoyed inside the hotel through live feed cameras.

King and Queen?

Getting people ready for firewalking has two major ingredients: How is it done - and Why? To get the How part under way I showed clips from a Mythbusters episode where they come up with the conclusion that firewalking is busted. Taking a closer look at the video though, it becomes clear that nothing is busted. Firewalking is - and will forever be - an unsolved riddle. Anyone can cross the coals safely and - lo and behold - anyone can get burned. Even though there is huge knowledge on how to prepare both coal beds and brains to make them safe for firewalking, no one can ever guarantee the outcome of a firewalk for a specific individual. Actually, if it weren't like that, I wouldn't be doing it anymore. One of the reasons it's so great to be around people who are firewalking is, besides the power and the total connectedness to the moment, to be in that space of mystery and awe that firewalking always produces.

In the "Why- firewalk" part I used the concept of King and Queen as a reference. The King and Queen are chained to their mission and cannot deviate. Once a person comes to realize his full power, he becomes like the King (or Queen); chained to his task, destiny and power. Many people believe that the more power you have, the more freedom you get. Maybe shopping aside, nothing could be more false. When you are connected to that inner power that resides in everybody, you can not be anything but true to who you are, giving you only one choice: the choice of being you 100% in every moment. The freedom we have is to be true to ourselves or not and once somebody has made that connection to their heart in a deep way, there is no turning back. And guess what? Firewalking is the perfect classroom to learn to make that connection. Go or not go? Its been demonstrated over and over again that if you go and do not really want to do it - chances increase that you will get burned and when you go 'cause you really want to do it - chances are better than good that you will be OK.
Rolf FireThe firewalk

So the crowd related to the King and Queen analogy and got ready for that magical meeting with their own decision-making-process and to become royalty in their own kingdoms. We ascended the stairs in a long line. Cancun means "snake pit" so we had designed the firewalk so that the line of people could snake their way zigzagging between the three fires. The very strong winds of the afternoon had complied with our wishes and were resting again and the roof exploded from the energy of the people when they danced their dreams over the coals.

The sharing

Sharing next morning was profound. The reports on insights and personal break-throughs were moving. Perhaps most impressive were the people who received some hot-spots; "I walked three fires and stood hesitating in front of the fourth. My friend poked me - come on!  I went and got that hot spot. I will never be pushed the wrong way again!" or "I did a couple of fires then lost my focus and guess what...Now I really know the difference between focus and not!"

We got several requests for our upcoming events in 2009 (Portugal and Sweden). Don�t miss out - sign up today!   Rolf's Portugal event is in early January. Don't delay.

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