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Around The Fire

Great Balls of Fire! My Biggest FIT Class Ever!
from the desk of Charles Horton

Charles FIREWe are stoked about the next class for our Firewalking Instructor Training (FIT). It will be my biggest class ever, with a top notch roster of speakers to guide participants though life lessons and empowerment exercises. People are traveling from Canada, China,  India and Lebanon for this class!

We have re-tooled the FIT based on our observations and your suggestions to make it even more powerful. Want to change your life in only four days?  If you read this early, it's not too late to register for the class. This hands-on course, August 6-9, will give you the skills you need to become certified to run firewalking events.

Right now, you can register for 50 percent off the regular course rate. Grab it while it's hot!  Okay, ice cold hot (wink wink).

Another topic you can bank on is wealth building. We will share the first details about this new seminar, Rites of Passage.  In this economy, most of us can use a class that shows us how to attract money and keep it. Combined with our legendary empowerment exercises, it promises to transform you.

We are also going to transform your sales effort. In conjunction with Acuity Systems Inc., we are presenting Ignite Your Salesat the end of August.  Keynote speaker Tom Niesen spent 14 years in upper sales management and marketing with companies like Polaroid and Fuji Film.

F.I.R.E. is also partnering with the Zig Ziglar organization, which offers corporate training solutions; presenting So You Want to be a Speaker?  The program is in development. We will let you know details soon. Public speaking is a master skill for anyone in business or sales who wants to get ahead.

As always, we are so confident about all our programs that we offer a money-back guarantee. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. What a deal!

Save $1750!  Become certified at our lowest price ever
Firewalking Instructor Training in Dallas, Aug 6 - 9
Learn to Build Wealth: Rites of Passage
by Chucky Pizzo
The Golden Egg

How do you define yourself in the face of the economic recession?  Are you a go-getter who believes you will find a way to thrive no matter what, or do you worry about money and feel uncertain about your future in this economy?

Experts say that what you believe controls the outcome - that thoughts come true.

Mental toughness and preparation are the keys to survival. If you define yourself as a winner, then you will succeed. That's the simple secret to attracting success.

It's never too late to learn to apply this principle. Using a combination of mental and financial tools, you can take control and create a secure future for yourself and your family. It all starts with a vision of abundance, goal-setting; the skills used by millionaires.

Things you considered out of your reach will suddenly be within your grasp.  

The Path

The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E) introduces its newest and most wealth-oriented seminar to date, entitled Rites of Passage.

In just three days, you will learn:
  • That the thoughts you hold in your mind today dictate the ultimate outcome of who you will become tomorrow;

  • How to set a goal and implement a strategy using a step-by-step plan for attaining that goal;

  • How to illicit your true power and break through any fears that may be preventing you from reaching the next level;

  • That you hold within you much greater potential than you once thought;

  • That you have the power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles along life's journey;

  • How to hold yourself to a higher standard each and every day;

  • How to commit yourself to constant improvement in all areas of life.

Click here to read more details about this new offering.
Make More Money: Ignite Your Sales Tom Niesen
from Tom Niesen, Acuity Systems Inc.

Between seller and prospect, you can either lead, follow or get stepped on. Traditional selling techniques often place the sales professional in the awkward position of responding to the prospect's initiatives - rather than confidently managing the sales process.

After a while, even the sharpest salespeople begin to feel like they are dancing with two left feet. They keep going to seminars in attempts to improve, but always fall back into their familiar comfort zone and misplace blame on the seminar - saying things like, "It was good, but there was nothing I could use."

The truth is - in order for you to change and use new techniques - you have to know how to change. We will not only show you new techniques, but we will also teach you how to re-program your head trash so you can ask the tough questions, move out of your comfort zone, and make more money.

What you will learn:
  • Double your sales while getting more free time;

  • How to build confidence in yourself;

  • Turn "think it overs" into new business;

  • How to get rid of unwanted, limiting thoughts;

  • Stop being an unpaid consultant.

Executive Fitness Boosts Chiropractic Clinic
by Chucky Pizzo
 Dr. Trent Burrup and family
Strolling hand in hand, many people have discovered the love of their life.  For Trent Burrup, Doctor of Chiropractic, FIAMA (acupuncture), CCEP (sports injury), and owner of the Institute of Chiropractic & Acupuncture Therapy, it happened walking across hot coals with his future wife.  Sparks flew, and in the fire they both forged a life together.

Dr. Burrup also runs Quantum Step Inc., aka Firewalk Utah. He participated in the Executive Firewalking Instructor Training (EFIT) in April 2009. The EFIT is a weeklong program designed to bring advanced marketing and speaking skills to firewalking instructors - lessons which are invaluable to any business.

The Art of Sales

"I'm now working on a marketing plan," Trent reports. "Many of the things I learned at the EFIT have benefited my health clinic practice as well."  He said he experienced a paradigm shift about sales. "Most people are afraid of rejection," he adds, "but a no answer is a gift because then I can move on to the next customer."

Trent said he learned how to remove emotion from the transaction, and says that detachment has increased sales. "There's no reason to come across like the used car salesman we all hate - pushy and needy," he advises. "People like to do business with confident, successful providers."

Attracting Media Coverage

Trent was interested in working more effectively with the media, but did not know how. "I discovered that they need stories every day, whch I am now equipped to offer more effectively."  He found out how to research media and their coverage as a means to build a better working relationship from the start.

He has also improved his ability to deliver answers in the sound bites favored by broadcasters. "Planning is the key - know your message. Use visual, emotional and transformational words to catch the ear. A few powerful seconds is better than a rambling minute."

Confidence in the Public Eye

While he felt good about his public speaking skills, the EFIT took him to the next level. "It's great to see someone whose skills are awesome - you can model the example and improve in stages as your confidence builds (through practice)," Trent said.

He reports that today he is more prepared, using a strong introduction to get past those first few minutes. Movement is orchestrated, and the overall impact is far greater.

The Chiropractic Connection

F.I.R.E. has observed that a lot of chiropractors are interested in firewalking.

"It's a perfect activity to teach a patient how to shift their thought process," Trent explains. "If they shift their thoughts - required to overcome fear and walk on hot coals - then they can shift and control their health.  If I can help them do that, then they can change the thoughts that are contributing to their health problems."

"In chiropractic, we believe that health is controlled by thoughts, traumas and toxins.  By helping patients release all three, they can focus on wellness. The body wants to heal and be healthy - it's a philosophy of focus that fits well with firewalking."

Dr. Trent Burrup is a candidate for master certification. The next EFIT takes place in the spring of 2010. The basic FIT is offered in early August and December 2009.
Pyromaniac Artists in Love
by Chucky Pizzo

Fire performance is hot!  Brandi Slater, 24, and Kevin Axtell, 28, are Mountain Mischief, an artistic duo that holds crowds spellbound with their ancient craft. (YouTube video channel)  They are also engaged to be married. 

In 2005, Amber Burkan, the daughter of the founder of the modern firewalking movement, Tolly Burkan, saw Kevin's fire dance performance. Tolly invited him to perform at firewalking classes he was teaching. Kevin's future fiance, Brandi, joined the act. Once Kevin and Brandi both took the Firewalking Instructor Training (FIT), the marriage of fire and art was consummated forever.


FIRE: What's the most beautiful aspect of fire performance for you?

BRANDI: Being inside of the poi (swinging balls on a chain) when it's on fire and swinging around you, you can hear it whooshing - it's mesmerizing inside the pattern.

KEVIN: Jeff McBride is a world-class magician and fire shaman. He has a fire fan routine in which fans with wicks (at the end) appear, multiply and disappear  while on fire. It's hypnotic.

FIRE: Most exotic?

BRANDI: On the Internet, I saw fire fingers attached to a back pack that acts like a flame thrower - fire shoots out from what appears to be your fingertips.

KEVIN: The blue flames you get by using isopropyl alcohol. It can be applied to props such as fire balls, or you can make freeform fire balls in your hands. It burns quickly and at a lower temperature, so you can make trails on your body. I am now experimenting with other fuels to make colored fire: red, green, orange, and even sparkling.

FIRE: Most dangerous?

BRANDI: Fire breathing... Kevin witnessed an accident that was just awful in which fire blew backward into a performer's mouth. Since then, we have no interest in it!

KEVIN: At fire dancing events, there will be 10-20 people spinning fire in a circle. It gets a little close for comfort when all of that fire gets in tight proximity.

FIRE: Number of performances per year?

BRANDI: (laughs) I can tell you that we go through a lot of fuel!

KEVIN: About 50. We give about three shows a month, and participate in about ten firewalking events per year. We also participate in fire dance events.

FIRE: any close calls... you know, "fire kisses?"

BRANDI: I've learned what not to wear, for instance, no thin fibers or synthetics. My skirt caught fire once - but I kept going (video link).

KEVIN: Anyone who plays with fire is going to get small, minor burns. We have an excellent safety record and plan to keep it that way!

FIRE: What's the relationship between fire dancing and firewalking?

BRANDI: Our performance sets a mood and tone... it gives the crowd a moment to focus externally, which helps them with the fear and intensity. We love the stunned silence that erupts into applause. People are amazed.

KEVIN: It excites the crowd and raises their energy levels. We've been to Michigan twice, have a great relationship with F.I.R.E., and are assisting and performing at a firewalk in October. Firewalking instructors can get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

FIRE: Prior to fire performances, Kevin started as a juggler. He was recently invited to compete at the International Juggling Association's annual championship, at which he placed in the finals. He has an instructional video on DVD to teach juggling skills (click 'rotate case' to see the images).

Kevin and Brandi are working toward master certification. Their goal is to offer "edutrainment" - education, entertainment and training - that will combine various disciplines into an exciting, immersive, empowerment experience.
Martial Artists Master Fear, Gain Control
by Chucky Pizzo

Around The Fire "My childhood?  It was a life of living dangerously," says William McDonald while letting go a roar of a laugh. He's a guy's guy, sort of the rough hewn type - yet calm with piercing eyes. As an adult, McDonald has practiced martial arts for nearly 40 years and is the Founder & Grandmaster of the modern martial art discipline known as Tong Il Lo.

Make no mistake: this is one tough cookie... he is a 10th degree black belt!

Accompanied by his wife, Candi, and third degree black belt, Ken Young, the trio attended their first firewalk this past May at a charity benefit for Aaron Stanley. As a participant myself, I could see their quiet intensity as they fought back strong emotions after crossing the coals.

"It's true what they say, that once you firewalk, you believe you can do anything," explains McDonald. "You get the quiet knowledge that you did it, which boosts your self confidence.  It makes you feel good to know you set a goal and overcame the fear of taking that first step, or possibly coming out with charred feet. We were all unharmed."

Master Fear and You Master Your Own Life

"Just taking that first step is a source of fear," he adds. "But whatever it is, with practice, you can eliminate the fears in your life. Being a martial artist is not about kicking and punching - it's about mastering your own life... taking control. So is firewalking."

He drew upon his black belt training to rid his mind of doubt. Doubt could lead to hesitation or mistakes, which lead to injury. His strong mind told him to go for it.  There was a lot of adrenaline rushing in his body - a familiar natural high. He had to control the surge so that his first firewalk would be safe and sound psychologically.

"Fear is a teacher. If you don't have it, then you're not experiencing life fully," says McDonald. "If you don't face it, it will control you and make you run."

Firewalking Recommended for Martial Artists

In an e-mail exchange following our interview, the Grandmaster spoke of adding firewalking to certification in Tong Il Lo. "I stated that I felt that it would be good for the Master level.  After thinking about it... I also feel that if the student wanted to challenge themselves at an earlier stage of martial arts training, I would recommend it.  I feel that the positive influence of a certified firewalking instructor will complement the teachings of any martial arts. That experience could only benefit the practitioner by building more self esteem and confidence."

As Powerful as Basic Training

Around The FireKen Young is an instructor of martial arts and a weekend warrior in the Reserves. The self-described fighter/skeptic says he is now a believer in firewalking because it made a huge difference in his attitude. He feels a new sense of accomplishment and has a burning desire to conquer things he never thought he could do before. 
"I am more focused," he says. "I got my zeal back. People react differently to me. Interactions are better; I command more respect and people listen to my ideas. I am working on changing and building new things into our teaching of martial arts. It's made a huge difference in how I approach life, and I'm less likely to engage negative people."

"I have not felt such a big change personally since I went through basic training in the Army," he said.

With that, he clicked off the phone to continue preparing for a trip to Guyana during August - doing humanitarian work with the U.S. Army Reserves.
Everyone Has A Story Chucky Pizzo
by Chucky Pizzo

Water washed away the life that I knew;
fire re-ignited my passion for life.

That's my story. Firewalking snapped me into the present, and brought into focus what really mattered: my future. I was searching for answers - my own tale of two cities. A native of New Orleans, I had relocated to Dallas at the end of August, 2005. Would this become home? Could I re-build my business in a new city? Should I stay or return?

My Transformation

In April 2009, at Ignite the Secret, things became crystal clear. Firewalking cleared out my head trash and burned off the "Hurricane Katrina Paralysis." I'm ready to live again, and to seize opportunities that the business-rich city of Dallas has to offer.

Four months later, I can state plaintively that the breakthroughs have been many. My publisher and clients have noticed the transformation and I am back on the success track. It's a new beginning, and that's why I have become an evangelist for F.I.R.E.

Let Me Hear From You

Storytelling has always come naturally. The best way to get something deeper out of any interest is to invest yourself. I had learned this life lesson at my 16,000-member professional society, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), for which I served as international Chairman of the Board and leader of its Research Foundation. In my heyday, I traveled four continents preaching the benefits of good communication internationally.

I heeded the call of F.I.R.E. and volunteered with the newsletter, et al. That makes me a "hottie." Now I want to tell your stories. I'm looking for testimonials and first person experiences: how has firewalking transformed you?

That's a question the uninitiated first ask, "What do you get out of firewalking?"  With all of our graduates, we will develop a long list of experiences to share. I want you to tell me your story and allow F.I.R.E. to spread the message.

Pour Your Heart Out

You can write it yourself (250-500 words, subject to editing), or send an e-mail with the highlights. I'll choose the strongest stories to highlight and together we will build witness to this empowering feat. Be open and forthcoming: how have you changed since firewalking? What difference has it made in your life?

Pitch me with your own account. The most powerful and personal will be featured.

E-mail: chucky AT firewalking DOT com
September Sizzles!

Speaking of public speaking effectiveness, we will unveil our newest offering in cooperation with the Zig Ziglar organization. We just have to find the right words first.

Does firewalking melt fat? In September's newsletter we will meet a guy who's lost nearly twenty-five pounds, gained muscle, and who now commands new respect from the ladies.

Our Firewalking Instructor Training sounds like a good place to get testimonials. We'll grab the newest recruits and find out what they have to say after four days of empowerment.

Charles Horton sent us a story idea about global consciousness. If we can figure out what the heck it means, we will bring you that story and raise your consciousness. Charles also walked across glass on television, and we have the photos to prove it!

Our newsletter is evolving. We're making it more reader-friendly. Shorter. Jumps to the Web for detailed info. A reader survey. Stay tuned...
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Let It Be Easy

Let it Be Easy
by Tolly Burkan

Whether it's heaven or hell, we create our own lives.  For those who are constantly struggling with finances, relationships, health, school or career, life is hell.  But life was never meant to be a struggle.

A pioneer in the human potential movement, Tolly Burkan shows how easy it is to create an extraordinary life, beginning exactly where you are today.  Instead of struggling to make things happen, he shows how you can master the art of letting things happen.

Designate today as the beginning of a new phase in your life.  This profound little book will show you how easy it can be.

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Extreme Spirituality

Extreme Spirituality
by Tolly Burkan

"A must treasure for every serious seeker's library.  It's powerful message of courage, wisdom, love and joy transforms you even as you read.  Tolly's insights are simple and profound and have the energy of alchemy in them.  As he shares his visionary concepts, he touches our hearts."

--- Rev. Edwene Gaines

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 -    Identifying media outlets and who to contact
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 -    Setting expectations, including about burns
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