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Message from the FIRE Chief  Charles FIRE
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Charles Horton here to catch you all up on our recent FIT and EFIT course and what's new with the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education. We had a beautifully mixed turn out of new instructors from all over the globe, including places such as Singapore, the UK, India, and Egypt. . These new instructors learned all of the techniques and skills it will take to bring firewalking closer to you. In this letter, I wanted to share a little bit about a few of them and their stories that lead them to become firewalk instructors. Also, below are a few photos from the previous FIT and EFIT. Around The Fire
Kevin Wilke, Best-selling author on Internet marketing, and CEO of attended and said, "These lessons were amazing.  Not only have I learned and participated in some simply Kevinamazing events, which will stay with me for life, I have learned how to facilitate these in the safest possible way, so people can enjoy them and feel confident in us.  They really showed the right way to do it and as a seminar facilitator that really blew me away, at the attention to detail.  And the heart and passion that all the Master Instructors put into the training, is obviously from a complete sense of service and desire to help us deliver the same experiences to our delegates, which was just awesome.For more on what Kevin had to say about his FIT experience, click here.

Long time horse trainer, Lori Hudspeth from Tennessee, said, "I had attended a couple of experiential breakthrough presentations with a local guy.  He had been trained by another organization and he was trying to get me sign up for their training, but the way it was presented and the pain and physical discomfort I felt afterward really put me off, doing it with Lorithem.  But after doing some homework about what the Firewalking Institute was doing, and checking up, it really convinced me to travel a good distance and avoid going the cheap route.  Boy was I glad, I performed some of the experiences again, and what a difference.  It was like night and day and this course is simply massive value for money.  They were all done professionally, confidently, and safely, and now I know I can reproduce that for those I work with. For more on what Lori had to say about her FIT experience, click here.
Asia Turns up the Heat 
More and more participants are travelling to the Firewalking Institute from Asia to utilize these techniques and experiences to empower and change the belief systems of the largest population on the earth.  Over a quarter travelled from India and China!  And the enquiries for the Firewalk Instructor Training for Asia keep on coming in.
Vasanth Gopalan, from Malaysia, who owns the business Leading Performance Singapore commented "You guys really know what you are doing, I only go to the best organizations on the planet, and I have done Tony Robbins' programmes and this one really blasted me into a whole new level of capabilities- I can't explain just how much this does, you provide a whole myriad of exercises, for anyone thinking about personal growth, this IS the place to come"
This response is so magical for us, especially as Vas is a former Military Major from the Singapore Army and has trained with Tony Robbins and Tad James, two of the most well known trainers on the planet.  Vas is now looking forward to taking this awesome experience and the exercises back to Singapore and China, via his company Leading Performance Singapore.   See his testimony here, or contact Vas via his company at:
'Better than Tony Robbins' and 'better than other firewalking training' 
These are just some of the latest quotes that The Institute is thrilled to have received at the latest Firewalking Instructor Training, held in Dallas, Texas.
Finally, potential firewalking teachers are realizing that in order to get the best experience, credibility and hands' on facilitation training, you need to be as thorough in your approach as the best in the corporate world.  With standards of excellence that allow new Firewalk Instructors to go away and know, you'll be able to do it confidently and credibly. Personal Coach and NLP trainer Charles Calvin Belton, says "I change other people's lives every day, but this seminar has been life-changing for me.  When you leave here, you have an energy you've never known, and I have been on many courses that promise this, but this one really delivers.  Some courses teach you to experience and facilitate, but just how deeply these guys get you to be and do both is quite simply phenomenal.  I cannot wait to apply this with my clients"  See Calvin's video testimony here: Calvin's testimonial .
If you are viewing this as a personal coach or are in the people-development business, you are in good company.  All, and we do mean all of the really well known people developers have done firewalks, or empowerment-type courses, and used them to propel them to success and credibility.  The only question really is: 'why choose the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education?'  Charles Horton, the Chairman of the Institute, sums it up: " I really believe in quality, and although everybody says that they provide good quality, we have created a training which transfers the necessary learning and experience, but at the same time, ensures that the student is able to duplicate this when they get back.  I have spent years in the corporate world studying with the world's top communicators, for the business which made me successful, and now the very best techniques are given to our students with standards that we believe are the best in the world.  This is why we are now attracting more and more people who have attended other firewalking training courses."
Creating the life you want by presenting the authentic YOU
Jordon Wirsz, multi-millionaire, and boyhood entrepreneur, stated that "this seminar brought me more into contact with my spirituality than a whole week with Tony Robbins on Tony's "Oneness" course".  And this is typical of every delegate that attends.  Whether you are following a spiritual path or an orthodox one, typically by engaging in this seminar, you will find that there is more spirit within you than you thought possible.  Participants always find their inner strength, and always want to share the benefits with other people.  Whether you want to share that the way Jordan did, or in your own, smaller, more individualistic way, everyone always emerges with profound energy and vibrancy for life and living.  This is why, The Institute is now growing and reaching out to even more trainers who are interested in becoming Master Trainers themselves- people who want to help even more people than before to learn and teach these fantastic empowerment exercises.  See more about Jordan at
Don't Read this-  what other empowerment organizations don't want you to know.
Many of our students say things like "The web site doesn't do you justice", or "I'm so glad I attended, you guys should shout it out more.  So we are now offering non website validation!  What does that mean?  Well, we asked all of our students at this last Empowerment Intensive and Firewalk Instructor training, if they would be happy to get calls or emails from you, and they said "yes!"  So if you have some questions but want to hear the answer from those who already attended, call us, email us, mail us, we'll get a couple of graduates for you to speak to.
Firewalk Training Coming to Europe
Your only opportunity to get F.I.R.E. certified in The Empowerment and Firewalk Instructor Training In Europe This Year!
"Great Britain, The United Kingdom, The UK, Old Blighty. Whatever you want to call it, the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education is bringing the best learn and then facilitate experience on the planet to the UK"
"I don't think we can overstate this" says the UK's Master Instructor, Steve Consalvez.  In typical Simon Cowell style, he says "The massive growth in the number of people learning the technical knowledge to become a personal coach in the UK, is enormous.  I first firewalked in 1990 with a student of the originator, Tolly Burkan, and 19 years after working and selling for Tony Robbins, I still haven't seen coaches and trainers who have as much impact with their clients as the ones who have trained firewalks.  You just cannot get this information from a book, or by attending someone else's event.
This firewalk training, near Peterborough, is right in the heart of the UK, on the main rail lines and easily accessible to Midlands Airports and London Airports.  June 10th- June 13th are the set dates and the event is being held at Steve's purpose-built conference center and pavilion.  "We are really excited about bringing this event to England" says Steve, "and coaches, trainers, and individuals  will enjoy a massive competitive advantage by both learning and experiencing this training which is like no other in the world."
Steve is inviting any personal coaches, trainers, therapists, business-owners or psychologists to come and join him on either of his May 2nd or May 15th firewalk events.  There, you will get to see what happens in his Fear Into Action Seminar and then afterwards to discuss the aspects of the Firewalk Instructor Training which interests you most.  Of course, if you decide to enroll on the Instructor Training, he'll fully refund your firewalk ticket price.
The first ever, UK, Firewalk Instructor Training to corporate training standards ever to be held there, will be provided in the wonderful Cambridgeshire/ Lincolnshire countryside, within a secluded and fenced private estate, with private gardens, yet with easy access just off the main A47 Norwich - Leicester road.
We will have all the standard empowerment exercises, including:
*  Firewalking 
*  Walking on Broken Glass (barefoot) 
*  Board Breaking with Bare Hands 
*  Brick Breaking with Bare Hands 
*  Arrow Breaking with your Throat 
*  Steel Bar Bending with your Throat 
*  Breath work Classes 
*  Low Ropes Courses
As well as two-to-three others that we rotate.

We also provide seminar formatting, exercise facilitation and suggested seminar contexts, some of which include:

*  Safety, risks, and risk-assessment
*  Team Building 
*  Advanced Goal Setting 
*  Eliminating Limiting Beliefs 
*  Breaking through Fear 
*  Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers 
*  The Power of Focus 
*  Create Your Own Reality workshop
We assume throughout that you will want to facilitate all of these exercises in your business, so you'll be coached on 'Empowerment Exercise Facilitation'.  Charles Horton, FIRE's Chairman says, "I have attended between five and ten Anthony Robbins' events, as well as many others, most of them are really about EITHER the experience OR a workbook style of facilitation.  We believe that as facilitators, you need to be able to demonstrate the empathy of having done it, the confidence of having learned to facilitate it correctly, and the credibility of having done it through a hugely credible organization like the Institute.  Many of our students have walked across firebeds before, but by the end of the training they will have walked over a hundred times, minimum.  That gives you confidence, credibility and poise.
In addition to this, the 100 page standards and exercises manual and the personal event DVD really provide you with an enduring reference for what you've done, and how to reproduce it in the future.  Our graduates just love to see the DVD and are always amazed at just how much stuff they have gone through in just four days"
If you would like to know more about becoming a Firewalk (and other empowerment exercises) Instructor, and the UK dates of 10th-13th June work for you, contact Success Formulae on (0044-UK Country Code) 1733849999, or visit the website on for more information or contact details.
As an additional incentive, anyone who signs up before the 10th May, can have Steve, or if Steve is not available, then one his team in the UK to come and help with your one day event, as an on-site firewalk advisor, for expenses only.  This means that anyone who attends this event, will get 19 years' of experience, with someone who has trained with Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Tolly Burkan among others, as well as having 17 years experience in helping companies to succeed, for the cost of his expenses.
Move Your Group 
You're always in good company when participating in the Firewalk Instructor Training, and this time we were surprised and delighted to find one of our participants was multi-entrepreneur, and highly credited Internet marketing author Kevin Wilke, owner of Nitro Marketing (see  Kevin and his colleague Don immediately decided to include some of their newly discovered empowerment events into their own seminar, which they are holding this weekend and as it is this week have hired the Institute team.  If you have a group of more than 40 people and they just want the firewalk experience, and you haven't trained yet, why not call us and we'll put you in contact with your local Institute certified instructor.
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Let it Be Easy
by Tolly Burkan

it's heaven or hell, we create our own lives.  For those who are constantly struggling with finances, relationships, health, school or career, life is hell.  But life was never meant to be a struggle.

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Designate today as the beginning of a new phase in your life.  This profound little book will show you how easy it can be.

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Extreme Spirituality
by Tolly Burkan

"A must treasure for every serious seeker's library.  It's powerful message of courage, wisdom, love and joy transforms you even as you read.  Tolly's insights are simple and profound and have the energy of alchemy in them.  As he shares his visionary concepts, he touches our hearts."

--- Rev. Edwene Gaines

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We probably need more volunteers than we know.  Are you special?  Let us know!
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