"If you’re really interested in this, I recommend seeking out classes conducted by Certified F.I.R.E. Instructors... you’ll join the ranks of millions of firewalkers who have been empowered by the experience." —Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

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Charles Horton

Master Instructor

Location: Dallas, Texas
Country: United States

Master Firewalking Instructor. General Manager Firewalking Institute of Research and Education.

Charles Horton has been setting and achieving goals since he was a young boy. At age 16 Charles set his sights on becoming financially independent. His first venture started at a local flea market. After finding an item that caught his eye, he asked the person at the booth if they would take a personal check. The man responded, "No son. No one here accepts personal checks. This is a cash only business."

Somewhat dismayed, Charles continued to walk through the flea market and asked a few more vendors the same question, "Will you take a personal check?" He received the same answer from each vendor, "no". It was at this moment that Charles came up with an innovative idea. "What if I set up a booth and cashed personal checks for flea market shoppers?" He approached the manager of the market and told him his idea. "If you will build me a booth and charge me no vendor fee, I will cash personal checks for your shoppers as a convenience for people who run out of cash while they are browsing your flea market." One thing quickly led to another and it wasn't long before this 16-year-old boy was cashing over $100,000 in personal checks on a typical weekend.

That event was to serve as a stepping-stone to a very lucrative career in the business of personal finance for Charles. It was during this time, that Charles set a goal to become a millionaire by his 30th birthday. And yes, he achieved that goal he set for himself many years before.

Now at age 40 Charles is a self-made multi-millionaire and oversees his more than 50 retail financial outlets across the country. His company has been bestowed (twice) by INC. 500 as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. He now runs his finance empire from his own 12000 sq. ft. villa surrounded by pools, creeks, waterfalls and a private coy stocked lake. He has come a long way since he took that first stroll through the flea market.

In addition to his primary endeavor, Charles has also become an excellent public speaker and teacher of goal setting and finance. He conducts seminars around the country and shares his philosophy with seminar attendees. "It's what makes me the happiest. I love helping others," says Horton.

Charles' latest passion has become teaching others to move beyond fears and obstacles through firewalking. Yes, firewalking.

Among his other prestigious titles, Charles is one of only 6 Certified Master Firewalk Instructors in the world. He regularly conducts firewalk seminars to people from all over the globe. "It's about breaking through limitations and getting to the level in life. That has been the cornerstone of my personal philosophy for many years. Identify what's holding you back and moving through it. It almost always boils down to fear on some level."