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Latest Flashmob from F.I.R.E. - November 20, 2010 - Vista Ridge Mall

Corporate Boot Camp facilitated by F.I.R.E for Fastbucks Holding Company was held on November 16-20. The participants of the boot camp participated in several team building events during the week including this Flashmob. The Flashmob was held at Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas in front of a huge crowd waiting for the Harry Potter movie. Several in the crowd joined the group and participated in the Flashmob.

F.I.R.E latest Flash Mob team building event.

Check out F.I.R.E.'s latest team building Flash Mob event.

Latest news from F.I.R.E

Latest from F.I.R.E

Check out the latest news from F.I.R.E.