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Charles Horton, self-made multi-millionaire, entrepreneur and motivational speaker has dedicated his life to helping other people. He conducts seminars around the world, teaching people how to set goals and reach their goals by Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Overcoming Fears Click here
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The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education’s commitment is to generate lasting enthusiasm and the mindset that will allow you to live the life you deserve. Nothing accelerates personal empowerment and group bonding faster than any one of these programs. Absolutely nothing!

Testimonial ...Nikki Hill

Walk on fire? I knew that the feat could be done – thousands of people firewalk every year at Tony Robbins events. But could I do it? I did have my doubts – especially when I felt the heat...

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"If you're really interested in this, I recommend seeking out classes conducted by Certified F.I.R.E. Instructors... you'll join the ranks of millions of firewalkers who have been empowered by the experience."

—Dr. Andrew Weil, MD